Animation With Text Embedded

2 separate iFrame embeds: a wide version that displays on mobile, and a vertical version that displays when screen with is below the mobile breakpoint.

Circle Animation with Accordion Text

Standard code inside of a 50/50 layout with accordion text to the right, similar to current website.


All of life is worship. When we say yes to Jesus we are adopted into God’s family and our life is now hidden in Christ. Everything we do comes out of a heart of worship. In response to God’s grace, we worship by living a life that honors God in everything that we do. On Sundays we gather for corporate worship. Our prayers and presence are essential to this huddle so that we can go out and play the game the rest of the week in our homes, schools, workplaces, and communities. (Romans 12:1-2)


We are all part of the body of Christ. As image-bearers of a Triune God, we were created for community. It’s important to connect with God and with other Christ-followers so we can encourage one another and grow together. We can connect through participating in small groups, serving on ministry teams, and attending connect events throughout the year. (Acts 2:42)


We were not created to be spectators; we were created to play the game. We all have a gift that God wants to unleash in ministry at TC and on mission in the community. Every Christ-follower is a part of the body of Christ and, therefore, has a place to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus. At TC we use the term “servant leader” rather than volunteer because it’s a function of who we are created to be.  (Mark 10:45)


We believe that what we do with the time, talent, and treasure (money and resources) God has given to us is part of our discipleship. As disciples of Christ, we give because we realize how much God has given to us. We’re generous because God generously gave us His Son, Jesus. As this truth transforms our hearts, we desire to give generously so that others can experience the life change that we’ve experienced. (2 Corinthians 9:6-7)


Through the power of Christ in us, we live an inviting life. Wherever we are, we realize that every human being matters to God, and we look for ways to intentionally invite people in our spheres of influence into a relationship with Him so that they can discover God’s grace. (Matthew 9:36-38)